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3 things make a post

1. The thing about Grey's Anatomy is, even if De Luca had raped Jo, that wouldn't make what Alex did okay. Alex insulted Jo by implying that she's incapable of doing her own punching and I'd glad she dumped him. I was neutral about him before this but now I hate Alex. And I don't even care for Jo; it's the principal of the thing.

That said, I enjoyed his surgeon-in-the-clinic scenes.

2. I will watch Fantastic Beasts out of a kind of fannish obligation, but I'm not excited about it. In fact I don't think there's a single movie coming out this or next year that I'm excited about. Well, there's Wonder Woman, but that's again more out of obligation than any actual investment in the character.

3. I can't bear the thought of not having Internet at home on election day. I don't want to find out the results from TV; I want to have Tumblr and FFA and chat open in different tabs.

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