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Wednesday books

What I read this week

I had an urge to reread Issola by Brust, which is my favorite of the series because of the constant interaction between the relationships I like best, Vlad and the Dragons. It has particularly excellent dialogue, and I confess I kind of ship Vlad/Teldra. How can I not when he notices her dimples?

Sethra mentions Telnan (as Zungaron). And Vlad says the Jhereg aren't very likely to find him through Morrolan's windows.

I like that Teldra takes her klava black and Vlad doesn't even though he's the badass one.

And I'm always a sucker for parallels:

“That’s why we were taken,” said Aliera, giving me a look. “In order to coerce Vlad into doing what they want.” “You’d think,” said Morrolan, “that if that was true, they’d have taken Cawti, or better yet—” He broke off abruptly and scowled.

and then at the battle Sethra recognizes Devera as the dragon and Aliera doesn't.

I also enjoy that Vlad can tell Morrolan and Aliera are more excited about the trellanstone than they're letting on. Nerds!

But my absolute favorite part of the book, is Vlad telling them off for arguing so much.

I only wish the library had Iorich so I could reread that one.

What I'm reading now
The Discworld journey continues with Small Gods. It started out slow, but it picked up once Brutha and Vorbis got to Ephebe. Brutha is adorable and Fri'it is interesting.

Although Pratchett does like the sheltered, good-hearted, sexually inexperienced young man. I'm not saying Mort, Nijel, Victor, Teppic, Carrot, and Brutha are the same character, but they are variations on a theme. On the other hand it's a character type I generally like and one Pratchett writes super well. EDIT: Okay, Teppic isn't sheltered, but he's pure of heart.

I love that CMOT Dibbler shows up, and I was pleased that Djelibeybi was mentioned.

What I'm reading next


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